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Gail H. Gloucester, ON, Canada

January 25, 2021

Abdullahi was very knowledgeable, I’m not very computer savvy but he explained everything he did well so I could understand what he was doing. He didn’t use terms that were over my head, when you are a senior simple is best! He taught me things on my computer that will be very useful to me & save me a lot of time. I could never copy & paste on my iPad & I will enjoy being able to use that.

Very satisfied with everything Abdullahi service today!

John M. - Other (SOHO) London, ON, Canada

January 25, 2021

Jim is always top notch!!

Thanks again !! You Rock! :)

Rick B. Etobicoke, ON, Canada

January 23, 2021

Paul did amazing and outstanding work on setting up my home desktop Lenova computer. Thanks so much . Greatly appreciated. Rick Baran 😊

You are a highly regarded company .Keep up the great work!

Sharon A. Ottawa, ON, Canada

January 23, 2021

As above noted. He explained things in a way I could understand and was very polite and pleasant. And as far I see this morning, things are working very well.

Said it all. Thanks

Roger C. Nepean, ON, Canada

January 23, 2021

I was paralyzed and Robert allowed me to "Rise and Walk"

Rhea W. Appin, ON, Canada

January 22, 2021

Jim responded quickly to my call for help.....worked efficiently and kept me informed of what he was doing.

Jane H. Mono, ON, Canada

January 21, 2021

lots of helpful information Im still digesting. Ill know better if it was "fantastic" if I can remember it and it works. thanks Jeremy for all the help.

Pierre M. ORLEANS, ON, Canada

January 21, 2021

Very quick service. Very polite

Sheila M. Halfway House, Austinview Ext 1, GA, South Africa

January 21, 2021

Many thanks.

Sherry J. - Other (SME) Sarnia, ON, Canada

January 21, 2021

a great service!

Jennifer C. - Retail (SOHO) Sarnia, ON, Canada

January 25, 2021

Always great service with Peter

Robert B. London, ON, Canada

January 24, 2021

Leo was very prompt coming out to analyze what I was experiencing having no internet. Leo analyzed all of the connections in the electrical room where the modem to see if we had connection to the internet. Then, later asked me how I log and and he wanted to see if I was getting connected to the internet. Then he asked for permission to log into the computer and was able to trouble shoot the issues. Leo found the root cause and made the required fix needed. Léo made a few recommendations for me to use as guidelines and made another recommendations that I needed to get a D-Link and would come back again to do the insulation

I would so please with ethical standards trouble shooting and also walked me through steps that I should follow making sure I clear the cache daily and once a month reboot the modem as well. I had excellent computer service from Leo.

Eric C. Edmonton, AB, Canada

January 23, 2021

Bern was very proficient,patient and courteous.Would recommend him to anybody

Glenn D. Dundas, ON, Canada

January 23, 2021

Very knowledgeable and nice person

Cathy D. Tillsonburg, ON, Canada

January 22, 2021

Rick is so friendly & he can answer anything I ask, when he suggest something we know he knows what he's talking about

we would recommend Rick to anyone

Walter P. Mississauga, ON, Canada

January 22, 2021

Great service

Greta S. London, ON, Canada

January 21, 2021

Not all of the apps I had on my old tablet are on the new tablet. It is an App Store problem but the nerd did not confirm that everything transferred.

Andy M. London, ON, Canada

January 21, 2021

Yes Leo was very helpful and a pleasure to deal with.

John S. Ottawa, ON, Canada

January 21, 2021

The response time was better than I dared to hope. Robert kept me informed, in terms I could easily understand, as we went along. And, I think he found and eliminated the problems that took me to you in the first place.

Steve H. Waterloo, ON, Canada

January 20, 2021

Very thorough and knowledgeable

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