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Heather P. - Other (SOHO) London, ON, Canada

June 23, 2021

Nick is Very pleasant, polite and professional. And, he resolved every issue I was experiencing.

Lynn E. - Other (SOHO) Carstairs, AB, Canada

June 23, 2021

Gene is the best!

Randall S. London, ON, Canada

June 22, 2021

Great fast efficient service that answered all my questions.

Great work

Anna D. London, ON, Canada

June 22, 2021


Carmen L. Oakville, ON, Canada

June 22, 2021

Have worked with Paul before and he is good at his job

Sylvia W. London, ON, Canada

June 21, 2021

When Randall was here, of course I found more problems. He stayed longer and fixed all them also

Nice guy - knowledgeable. Reasonable fee

Suze B. - Law Offices (SOHO) Silverton, La Montagne, GA, South Africa

June 21, 2021

Keith leaves no stone unturned to help with a problem and is always available. He goes way beyond the extra mile and understands fully how little I understand about IT. He is pleasant, reassuring, knowledgeable and overall just always a pleasure to deal with. He deems my little business as important as any other. I can only commed and thank him for his service. Always.

Bob T. Ottawa, ON, Canada

June 21, 2021

Kirk very efficiently made everything right. He is very pleasant to deal with.

Harry H. London, ON, Canada

June 20, 2021

Leo Stan responded to my call to Nerds On Site (NOS) within minutes of my initial phone call.. He could be to my place between 3 and 5 PM that day, which he was. He did an assessment of my "mouse" problem and recommended a replacement. He wrote down an outline of what needed to be done to my desktop computer along with the cost. He also advised me about acquiring Webroot from NOS and the benefits of doing so. In addition, by continuing with NOS, remote access is available for any assistance I may require in the future. Leo displayed a personal interest in fixing my computer and is very polite. When he returned the computer and hooked it up, he made sure that it was working to my satisfaction, and assured me to contact him if I experienced any problems.

Cindy D. Windsor, ON, Canada

June 18, 2021

Owen was knowledgeable and communicated his trouble shooting and solutions at my level of understanding. The fee structure less expensive then I had expected. I have him in my contacts!

Elizabeth A. Delaware, ON, Canada

June 23, 2021

My nerd kept informed as to what was happening with the modem. He helped me with talking to Bell as I am hard of hearing. He has been so patient with me and I try not to call him unless it really is something I cannot fix myself. I am so glad I took a chance to try Nerds on Site which I have used for a couple of years now.

Ken P. London, ON, Canada

June 23, 2021

Randall hall could not have been more accommodating than he was today. he is extremely friendly and will always go the extra mile to help out.

I will recommend Randall to everyone!

Margaret C. London, ON, Canada

June 22, 2021

Seth was very pleasant and did a wonderful job with what he had to deal with. An old computer and an old woman!

Aldeen M. Lethbridge, AB, Canada

June 22, 2021

Stated price and stuck with it Came quickly and finished quickly.

Betty C. Jarvis, ON, Canada

June 21, 2021

Excellent service.

Richard B. CALGARY, AB, Canada

June 21, 2021

Randy McGuire was good. I would recommend him.

Marlene C. Portugal Cove-st Philips, NL, Canada

June 21, 2021

Chris Rose was perfectly patient, persistent, and completely pleasant. He solved something which neither Apple Support nor the store where I bought my Apple laptop (Jump Plus) were able to solve for me over the past 3 weeks! I will certainly call him the next time I have a problem. With many thanks and admiration for Chris Rose.

Gaylee F. Metcalfe, ON, Canada

June 20, 2021

Robert Goliss was able to get rid of another Anti-Virus program that started showing and walked me through how to stop news notices from windows from showing when I am checking my messages. He checked my computer to make sure I wasn't having any problems. Robert Golis also does an incredible job.

Lorraine R. Ottawa, ON, Canada

June 18, 2021

The service was A1/. Mr. Omar did everything just right ,and explained what he was doing to me. I had not heard of Nerds on Site before but will certainly mention your service to my friends and also recommend that Mr. Omar be the technician they ask for. My thanks to Mr. Omar who has my full satisfaction.

Suzanne W. Carleton Place, ON, Canada

June 18, 2021

Yes indeed, thank you Wes.

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